What are the benefits of digital healing?

The benefits are endless and it radically shifts our approach of natural energy healing to unlimited infinite tremendous positive power on
 multi-dimensional level anytime/anywhere and forever.

On the recipients' side:
 - you get the same effective treatment
   results being on your own anytime you wish,
   all times and forever (neither in person nor
   on distance)
 - saves you time and money
 - healer accompanies you all times with no
   draining of energy
 - energy is always present the time you wish,
   always fresh, strong and efficient.
 - receive healing on pre-defined ailments at the
   same time.
 - protect, shield and support you all times.

On the healers' side: (not available yet for healers*)
 - able to transmit life force energy to multi-
    clients simultaneously, constantly, infinitely
 - able to transmit life force energy without
   draining your personal energy
 - able to heal thyself and integrate this digital
   technology for advanced stages of 
 - able to reach enlightenment in a very short
   period of time.