It is a healing energy which is transmitted by digital means. The digital technology chosen may be either audio or video.
In an audio/video digital healing, the healing energy is embedded within your chosen audio CD or video DVD



What is the science behind digital healing?
This is an application issued by Merlin Dergham which is based on the latest scientific evidence and it is only made for each individual uniquely.
All researches uncovered the amazing power of subliminal programming in affecting the preferences of human beings.
The simple truth is: subliminal messages work.
The latest researches are done by
    * University of Nijmegen (2006) in 

       Netherlands , by Johan Karremans

       and his team
    * Dukes University (2008) in USA, by

       Tanya Chartrand and Gavan F.
    * University of Waterloo (2008) in

       Canada, by Grainne Fitzsimons
    * UCL Institute of Cognitive   

       Neuroscience (2009) in UK,

       by Professor Nilli Lavie


How does it work?

It works like any other subliminal audio/video application.
The internet is full of programs/
software/applications/successful stories integrated to many branches of human life especially mind power law of attraction techniques, weight loss, learning, changing
beliefs, connecting to your higher self...
All you have to do is to turn on the digital
healing within the space you are living in:
home, car, work...




Watch a sample